Healing Hearts is a dedicated effort in providing succor to the suffering needy hearts, by making quality heart care affordable within easy reach. The mission led by renowned Cardio-thoracic Surgeon Dr. F. Sadruddin Shariff, simply aims at providing financial support to patients from economically downtrodden sections of the society. People who suffer from heart disease; can be supported with, be it a regular supply of aspirin or maybe even heart transplants.

The truth about heart disease
10% of urban Indians & 3.5% of rural Indians suffer from heart disease.
Indian men have the highest incidence of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) and die at a younger age than males of any other race.
Indian women have CAD three times higher than American women.
1.4 million Indians need heart surgery in a year essentially, now only 55,000 surgeries are done (i.e. <4%) largely because the rest cannot afford it.
One in 100 children born have heart disease, i.e. in a year 1.5 lakh children are born with heart diseases and only 5,000 manage to get treated (i.e. 3.33%), mostly with sponsorships and government aid
By 2010, 60% of the World’s Cardiac Patients will be in India (WHO).
How you can Help the TRUTH
By donating one time/monthly/annually.
By taking care of one patient’s needs partially or completely.
By sponsoring various events of Healing Hearts.
By becoming a Donor Co-Ordinator starting a Chain of Donations.
By being a Patron, by donating lump-sum amount or by leaving behind a legacy through a will.